When will my device get the Android Nougat update?

With all new releases, manufacturers want to make sure that there won’t be any bugs or strange occurrences after updating to the latest software. Development is continuously happening with the Nougat, with many Beta versions being tested throughout the world. Each manufacturer has a different expected delivery date, but you should be able to expect the update in early 2017. Please note: this depends on the country you live in, and your network provider. 

Otherwise keep checking to see if there are any updates available by following these steps [Insert scenario]


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How do I update my console? (Sony PlayStation 4)

To update the software, you will need your console to be connected to the internet.

1. From the home screen, choose the up button to choose function menu.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Choose System Software Update.

If there is an update file available, it will then be downloaded to the system. Once the download is complete, indicated by a notification message in the top left corner of the screen, you will then need to install it.

How do I install a software update?

1. From the home screen, choose Notifications.

2. Choose Downloads

3. Choose the update file.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the installation.

How do I delete photos or videos? (Tab E)

1. From the home screen choose apps.


2. Choose Gallery.


3. Choose an album.


4. Choose a photo or video.


5. Choose delete.


6. Choose Delete again.


How do I get the security policy update? (Galaxy S4 and newer)

You can make sure that your mobile’s security is automatically kept up to date by turning on the Automatic Updates feature.

Note: Please ensure you have KNOX enabled on your device before continuing with the steps below.

1. Tap Settings.


2. Tap Lock screen and security

Samsung 2

3. Tap Other security settings

Samsung 3

4. Select Security policy updates

Samsung 4

5. Turn on Automatic Updates

SAmsung 5a

6. On the same screen, Tap on Check for updates

SAmsung 5b

By doing this, it will prevent any malicious attacks (hacking) on your mobile from being effective.

How to transfer contacts from an Alcatel tablet?

1. From the home screen choose apps.


2. Choose Settings.


3. Choose Accounts.


4. If you have not yet added your Google account, or need to sign up for one, choose Add account and follow the on screen instructions. 

Add account

5. Once set up, choose Google.


6. Choose your email address.


7. Choose Contacts.


8. Choose menu.


9. Choose Sync now.

Sync now

How do I share notes to another phone via Bluetooth? (Samsung)

1. From the S Notes app, choose and hold the note you would like to share.


2. Chose SHARE.


3. Choose Bluetooth.


4. Choose the device you would like to share the note with.


How do I retrieve my backed up notes? (Samsung)

1. From the Samsung Notes app, choose the menu icon.


2. Choose Settings.


3. Choose Import data.


4. Choose the location you used to back up your notes data.


How do I save and delete notes? (Samsung)

To save a note:

1. From the S Notes app, choose the add icon.


2. Create your note using the keyboard.


3. Choose Save.


To delete a note:

1. From the S notes app, choose and hold on the note you would like to delete.


2. Choose the DELETE.


How do I back up my notes? (Samsung)

1. From the Samsung Notes app, choose the menu icon.


2. Choose Settings.


3. Choose the switch to turn on Sync with Samsung Cloud.


Your notes will now sync in the background with Samsung Cloud.

How do I change the language? (Alcatel Pixi 3 10″)

1. From the home screen, choose apps.


2. Choose Settings.


3. Choose Language & input.

Language Input

4. Choose Language.


5. Choose which language you would like your device to be in.

Language 2

How do I connect my device to my computer? (Alcatel Pixi 4 7 inch)

1. Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable provided.

USB-A to USB micro

The USB port is located on the top of the device by the headphone port.

Alcatel Pixi 4 7inch usb slots

2. Swipe down the screen to open the notification menu.

3. Choose the option to transfer media. Your device will now be connected to your computer.